Dear Twitter Menimists/Chauvinists

Every time I log into my Twitter, I always find a certain clique of male tweeps picking on a woman and brandishing her all sorts of queer names and for the most absurd reasons. These males have appointed themselves the guardians of morality and even dare lash out at females for speaking their minds and for expressing their beliefs.

They will call women “hoes” and “sluts” simply because the said woman implied that she can never date a broke man.  If I’d rather date a man that can buy me a BMW for my birthday, then how does it concern anybody really? A woman will get insulted for merely stating her preferences. All manner of standards are set to determine whether one is “wife material” or not. Most of the standards set depict a shy village girl who’s been taught to submit and never utter a word to oppose a man.

Well, dear male tweeps who fall in the above category; take your useless standards and go shove them somewhere else where they are more appreciated. You see, women (well, some are) are neither on Twitter for your entertainment nor to be subjected to morality lessons from you. Besides, shouldn’t y’all be teaching your sisters and girlfriends how to be “wife materials” or something.  Nobody’s got time for your nonsense, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

If the woman wants to drink and smoke and post it all over social media sites, it is none of your business labelling her “unwifeable”. Has she told you she was looking for a husband? Are you the one paying for her drinks and financing her high life? If not, then MYOB and get a life. If you were as perfect as you claim, then you, Mr. Guardian of Morality, would have been the Pope.

And what if y’all think darkskin women are ugly and undesirable and you’re apparently doing them a favour by dating them? Have you forgotten your soot-skinned sisters back at home? Besides, have you pondered that perhaps that you might not be the target audience for that darkskinned girl?

If a woman flosses the new iPhone gifted to her by her lover/s, what business have you commenting negatively? If the much you can afford to spoil your girlfriend is 50 bob earrings, then cower to you lane and shut up! No one’s got time for our cheap ass. If I were you, I’d be working double shifts to be able to spoil my woman.

Now, I don’t intend to be mean or anything. Some things have to be said and someone has to say them. So dear brothers in the chauvinistic clique; if you’re itching to impart morality and good conduct among women, kindly contact your local pastor or priest and ask for a slot to educate the Sunday school girls over there.  Alternatively, you can go back to your village and seek to become a village headman or elder, if at all such posts still exist.

Moral of the story: take your stupid idealistic morals and flush them down the bidet. 

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