Reasons not to date a Double Decker Warrior

Everyone loves the idea of being in a relationship; the comfort of having someone who’s always at your disposal seems like a good idea. Every young girl imagines that once they start dating, the guy will go all Alejandro on her, buying her flowers and taking her to expensive restaurants without a budget limit. While this may be the case if you happen to find a financially stable bachelor who’s willing to spoil you, most often than not, you’ll end up dating your peers while in campus.

Introducing the Double Decker Warriors; the all classy and confident campus dudes who think they literally run the world just because they have the latest Jays and are wearing 1000 bob cologne. It’s all fun and flirty dating the cool guy type college mate of yours but it is never a good idea to make it official, well unless of course your definition of a relationship is ulcers.  Dating a campus dude is stress inducer on its own and you might just find your blood sugar levels elevated yet you have no history of diabetes. See, only the strong and thick skinned can manage such relationships… and the drama queen types. Now these are very wise words, sister to sister, and any campus girl out there who loves herself needs to grab a notebook and take notes. You don’t need Batman to save you from entering into a dysfunctional relationship

5 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Campus Dude

  1. Immaturity: Most campus dudes are just a bunch of overgrown babies who are not yet ready to leave the cradle yet they still want to play adult games. It doesn’t matter whether he’s in 1st year or 6th year, the immaturity levels are a constant. They do not understand that you have other goals in life other than them. Once you begin dating, they assume all your free time is devoted to them and explicit reports and accounts of how you spent your time have to be given in the event that the time in question was not spent with them.  Be prepared to have babyish fights regularly, most of which will leave a class 4 child wondering if you’re psychologically ok.
  1. Jealousy:  There is an acceptable level of jealousy in every relationship, but when it reaches a point where the jealousy becomes suffocating and you no longer enjoy your personal privacy, it is no longer healthy. See, campus dudes are overzealously protective and jealous; he will rush to your hostel room just to find out why you have not been replying to his texts. He will demand to know why John keeps liking and commenting on your pics on Facebooks and why Dan tweets you so much. God knows, he can even ask to accompany you to your group discussion just to see those ‘men’ who keep you up late…mind you he does not pursue the same course as you do.  If you like your freedom, do not date a campus dude.
  1. Tantrums and Mood swings:  Girls are excused from having mood swings once in a while, it’s in the Bible. But when a man is the one exhibiting these mood swings worse than a girl on PMS, then it leaves a lot of questions to be asked. This breed of campus males have will be happy at one moment and the next they’ll be brooding like a fat kid whose candy got snatched. It might be that they are still undergoing hormonal imbalances or maybe adolescence hasn’t quite left them, but you shall be the punching bag and outlet of these mood swings. Girl, you ain’t anybody’s momma so ruuuun!!!
  1. Time Wasting: Everybody knows campus relationships never culminate into a serious engagement, unless the two are very compatible and mature. They are a rocking chair to keep you busy, to have fun and to leave for greater things. If you are set out for something more serious, then these are the relationships to avoid. Most guys are commitment phobic and unless you want heartache and disappointment, do not in your wildest imagination ever think of settling down with a campus dude.
  1. Embarrassing Break Ups: Every girl dreads a break up. It is a depressing event that no one wishes to occur. As with most relationships, things don’t work out as envisioned and a break up is inevitable. Mature men will handle a break up with dignity, but as we said earlier, double decker warriors do not have an inkling of maturity in them. They will not take a break up kindly, especially if it’s coming from the girl. Immaturity plus a combination of tantrums will most often than not lead him to soil your reputation and drag your name in the mud. You shall turn from bae to bitch in an instant and you won’t even have an audience your situation to. Why go through the hassle?

NB: I always say a woman deserves better. No one ever died from not being in a relationship. If you can avoid them altogether, why not?


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