Much as we all proudly proclaim to be a digital generation living in the 21st century, somewhere deep in the societal heart, the belief that women are the weaker sex is still inept. Yes, the constitution has really done a lot to protect the woman; yes we can vote and we have equal opportunities in... Continue Reading →

10 Signs You’re a Twitter Addict

1.Your Followers Feature in your dreams: if at any one point in your life you dream of your followers, welcome to the Twitter Addicts Club 2. Calling people by their handles : ever walked on the streets in town minding your own bee's~wax when someone out of the blue just shouts your twitter handle?? Well,... Continue Reading →

The Curse of the ‘Likes’

Someone on my Timeline tweeted ‘Lightskin girls feed on Instagram likes’. As is the norm, people ‘LOL-ed’ and manual Re-tweeted the tweet and it was soon forgotten. But come to think of it, the gravity of the whole social media vibe and addiction is direr than we envisioned. Girls have been worse hit by the... Continue Reading →

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