Of Attachment and Mjengo Drama

Word of advise; The next time before you decide to go all ninja Samurai and use your boss’s Tape Measure as a sword to fight invisible creatures, think twice. I learnt that the hard way the other day and had to part with my hard earned money to replace it. Who knew those things were so fragile (._.)

It was fun though, i mean who doesn’t love pulling the Samurai Jack stunt. But i won’t be doing that anytime soon, broke is my middle name right about now.

For a person handling a construction project for the first time, i must admit it’s more like being thrown into a thick rainforest with all manner of creepy animals and weird things.  There’s so much drama on site, right from stubborn  ‘fundis’   (casual laborers) to things mysteriously disappearing. And being the only lady on site, i have to consistently prove myself. I now understand why women like Martha Karua are so hardy and stone faced. The moment you try to be friendly and dare smile at them, no one listens to you. It’s like you’re talking to a bunch of deaf people.

So yes, i have learnt to give out instructions in that threatening demeanor that Indian Traders have perfected…well, maybe I’m exaggerating but you get the point.

And the kind of vulgar talk that goes on here, lord! Only the good sky spirits know. My ears!

Let me not even start on the cigarette smoke that i have inhaled as a passive smoker, i can only pray that i don’t get lung cancer (-_-)

I guess I can forget about being a lady for a while now, i get so tired,  dirty and dusty Omo should probably  recruit me for their ‘dirt is good’ commercials . I now  understand why employed people look like life was literally sucked out of them, deflated balloon tingz and all..

Last but not least, i have learnt to appreciate the value of education. Minimum wage is not good.  And as i look at the amount of work the fundis do compared to their weekly wage,i can only weep in pity. And to think they have families who depend on them….*sigh* if only there was something I could do, but then again I’m just a girl trynna make it in this Mjengo Industry so help me God

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