Of Attachment and Mjengo Drama

Word of advise; The next time before you decide to go all ninja Samurai and use your boss's Tape Measure as a sword to fight invisible creatures, think twice. I learnt that the hard way the other day and had to part with my hard earned money to replace it. Who knew those things were... Continue Reading →


Drama unfolded yesterday night on the TL as popular lightskin chics who have been setting standards left, right and centre were exposed to be parodies. As usual us darkskins came out in full regalia, dancing in jubilation as we 'LOLed' and 'LMAO'd at the unfortunate tweeps who had fallen victim. On behalf of the twitter... Continue Reading →

Allow me to school you on “FEMINISM”

The extent to which the term “feminism” is misused on the social media platform irks me. The fact that these same people who claim to be educated and sophisticated are the very ones who seem to throw the word around haphazardly further aggravates the situation. Why persons who have gone to schools and institutions to... Continue Reading →

Waai to Galitos

The Hungry Traveller

I forgot my blog’s password again. Had to reset it just now. Am beginning to wonder if there is a world record for most reset passwords because if you combine all my social networks I must be platinum.

We begin with another of my mother’s quips. After my birthday earlier this month I was stressing over the phone about taxes and the brokeness that had come to dine with me and my mom says to me, “Welcome to adulthood” and I say to her “I’d like to go back to childhood now, thankyou” and her sarcastic  response came quite quickly, “Then change your name to Peter Pan”. I have since ceased taking my financial problems to her.

So after a whole month of being hard-pressed for cash, one of my best friends @theBNguy convinced me to go for Chicken Wings. Actually the word ‘derailed’ is more accurate. I was ten…

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10 reasons Ngong is the BEST place to live

This made my morning

The Hungry Traveller

I am getting to that point where Ngong road has become so bad, thoughts about moving are festering in my mind. I use the word festering because honestly, waking up at 5am feels like an infection. The thought that when Ngong road actually starts being expanded ati I will wake up earlier than 5 am makes me feel sick.

So I found myself weighing the pros and cons of living in Bul-bul, Ngong, Kajiado County. I am always told to be optimistic so today I will only look at the pros of where I live.

1. Because I live in a different county than where I work, my colleagues and friends CONSTANTLY make fun of my commute. It’s hilarious when people come up with jokes about it and think they are being so fresh and creative. I have probably heard every long commute joke three times each. Just about the…

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