Sunday at around 9am is not a good day for supposed “pagans” to be up and about the streets minding their own business. More so when you live in an uptight estate or village where everybody knows you. The glaring “you will burn in hell” eyes that the faithful church-goers throw your way are enough to send you whimpering back to your bedroom, jump into bed and spend the entire day regretting your life choices.

Going to church automatically makes a person more superior to the rest of the human race; it gives them the rare opportunity of delegating the good Lord’s duty of judging wrong doers and sending them to eternal damnation…going by the kind of logic that an average believer prescribes to, that is.

It’s always a black-white affair with no shades of grey permissible.

Perhaps this kind of thinking is the main root of what is ailing our society. We tend to look at things from such a narrow perspective that we ignore everything else, however sensible it may be.  Views different from ours are often shunned, fought against with the wrath of a dragon or hated immensely. There can only be two possibilities, either you are on my side or you become the enemy who must be vanquished.

What if I don’t want to be part of the war? Suppose I just wanted to stretch up on a comfy chair with a glass of lemonade in hand as I watch the drama unfold? What then? Am I also the enemy?

Narrow mindedness is a disease that sadly, majority of the population suffers from. The age old religious squabble that has seen millions of souls perish is a perfect example of narrow mindedness in action. I believe in a god that became man and died on the cross to salvage mankind ; my path is more “righteous” than yours. As such, I shall spare neither energy nor resources in trying to shove my beliefs down everyone else’s throat …woe unto those who dare oppose the word. Of course the opposing team has the exact same sentiment and thus begins the vicious cycle of destruction and death, the story of humanity against humanity.

It is no different in politics and other social issues that ought to be matters of private opinion but are made public in every aspect. Yes, I understand that the culture and traditions of any given society are cultivated upon a strong base of generally accepted principles, but weren’t these “norms” just an ordinary guy’s idea of wrong and right once?

We are too quick to judge others without taking the tiniest second to delve into that other person’s shoes and trying to view the world from their angle. You may be surprised at just how much more enlightened you would be if you bothered. Things aren’t always what they seem like.  What appears round could be flat & v.v.

The key point I’m trying to drive home is the need for people to become open-minded. Don’t be that brute of a person who is hasty to condemn others just because you think you are right. No one is perfect. It is up to the individual to decide what best suits him or her and what character to adopt. If somebody prefers their soup with sugar instead of salt, then by all chance let them enjoy it . Remember, you stomachs are not conjoined, thus should a problem arise then you have nothing to gain or lose.

Open mindedness= peace =sanity. Embrace it!

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