The Art of Deception

Deception, deceit, guile. The human mind is wired to treachery. Every day we blurt countless lies, be it the usual “sorry I ran late, got stuck in traffic” or the more intricate ones that lead to fraud and corrupt dealings.

No one is a saint when it comes to this vice, and one who claims that they are absolutely is without doubts the greatest of them all.  

Lies are part and parcel of the human life; it is programmed deep within our genetic system. I guess the world trains us to be susceptible of others; we live with the constant fear that if we are not overly cautious then someone may harm us and what better way than to harm them before they do so?

Every man wants what’s best for themselves, even the religious do good because they hope to gain favour in the afterlife. It’s all one large complex game where one looks after themselves and that is where the lies begin.

While   wild animals battle each other tooth and nail to protect their virility and strength, the more evolved human uses lies, whether to protect a reputation; to create a certain image of them or simply to get out of an uncomfortable situation. The fact that lying is so easy compared to honesty makes more appealing.

We all claim to hate people who lie, but if it one were to be judged on their words then we would all be damnified. The human society is become so accustomed to lies such that the truth has become a farfetched mirage in the distant horizon, a Narnia of some sort.

Am I saying that there are no honest people left? To say that would be a lie. There are dozens of honest people around and there are fibbers in equal proportion. To classify a person based on the extent of their lies, whether great or small, would be unjust owing to the fact that a lie is a lie. Its magnitude does not make it any less or more of a lie than it initially was. There is no white lie and real lie. All are but lies.

But then again, this is an opinion and thus the subject is as diverse as the populace at large. To say I care about whether someone is telling the truth or not to me will be a lie. The universe has taught me to distrust as thus I assume all statements are lies until proven to be the truth.


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  1. Leah, I think as Mark Twain wrote several years back, what has happened is there has been a decay in the art of lying. People lie all the time either through what they have said and mostly through what they omit to say.


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