The case for Jesus H. Christ

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I think the Jesus whose story is told in the bible didn’t exist. I don’t know whether the character was built on a real person[s]. If I was asked to make a case for Socrates, the base facts to begin with would have been the parents, when and where they lived and if possible a few of  his contemporaries. We would name Crito, Xenophon, as his contemporaries, a birth place would be named, and so many other facts.

In an attempt to make a case for the existence of Jesus, apologists have resorted to make assertions about the resurrection that they think if are agreed on, would compel even the skeptic to change his mind on the historicity. This assertions come from WLC he of the DCT and the KCA.

Before you read the assertions, here is a piece that you should begin with. It sheds some light on…

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The Art of Deception

Deception, deceit, guile. The human mind is wired to treachery. Every day we blurt countless lies, be it the usual “sorry I ran late, got stuck in traffic” or the more intricate ones that lead to fraud and corrupt dealings.No one is a saint when it comes to this vice, and one who claims that... Continue Reading →

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