Judge Me Not…

The human society is composed of a bunch of messed up judgemental people who tend to think that they are more superior compared to everyone else around. We subconsciously segregate others and think of them lowly just because they don’t share our ideals or may have an opinion that slightly differs from ours.  Just because one does not fancy the same things you do does not in any way give you the leeway to “brand” them. These are basic things that the likes of Mandela fought for; the freedom to live life without artificial barriers that we as humans erect.

Letting people live their lives they way they want sounds like a very simple concept but daily, we judge the people around us and without our knowledge push them towards the edge of the cliff, making them loathe themselves; wondering why they had to be so different, yet, it’s no fault of their own; they are mere victims. None of us is completely devoid of the wicked virus of being judgemental. At one point in life, we have judged others and they have judged us in return. It’s a vivacious cycle of self destruction.

Being a socially awkward person, I have had more than the normal sized platter of judgement shoved towards me. I have never really known how to interact with people, especially those of my noble gender. I am a woman and I should be supportive of my own and all, but that sentimental attachment is not very deeply bonded in me. I find women extremely pretentious and rather petty. One moment you feel as if you have a confidante, the next minute the supposed confidante is spilling your deepest secrets to the whole world simply because you did not like the colour of their nail polish and told them so. For this reason, I have always found myself steering clear off the path of womenfolk. It was way easier to hang out with dudes, you didn’t have to pretend to like someone’s shirt nor hide the fact that their haircut was really wacky. The best bit was the fact that there would be no hard feelings or grudges held.

So over the years, I evolved into a very boyish and brutally blunt female. One who preferred the company of boys because they were always much more fun to hang out and relate with. Then came adolescence, and all the fun got ruined. Suddenly, hanging out with dudes became an abomination of some sorts. Boys are evil, all they want is sex, and they will make you pregnant.  I could no longer enjoy the company of my buddies the way I used do simply because I had boobs and they had a penis. Funny enough, at that time, I had no intentions of having a phallic object driven into any part of my body. The thought of intercourse was enough to give me the creeps. 

Graduating from high school was the worst, I remember neighbours whispering to their daughters to keep away from me because I was “spoilt”.  Apparently, according to them, walking around with a person of the opposite sex transformed into promiscuity.

College wasn’t any easier, I would walk into my room with my bunch of me friends and my roommates would give you the “eyes”. I could see the questions they yearned to ask but couldn’t ask because they were afraid I would think they were judging me. Rather complex…huh? 

I walk around school with a bunch of boys, I know people talk. They probably think I am a slut, or some hormonal nympho sort of girl whose morals have been tossed to the wind.  It should bother me, but it doesn’t in the least bit. Yes, I should work at protecting my image, give people something positive to say about me. But then again, what’s the point of sacrificing my happiness for the sake of creating a falsified perception of me to impress people who may not give a damn about me or my life in the first place.  I’m way past that age, besides people will always judge.

Life would be one happy place if we all just learnt to get along. What if I don’t worship the God you do? What if I find your traditions utterly ridiculous? What if one guy finds marrying another man perfectly normal? What if I find your favourite meal the grossest thing in the whole world? Does it mean that I’m less of a human being than you are?

Judging people will never change them neither will it transform them into the kind of beings we want them to be. What the world needs is a bunch of humans who love and get along with each other.

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  1. These days they do not judge, they hate. Coming out loud saying they do not like this or that about you or what you do without a factual explanation to it. Outright hating. I hope people find it in their hearts to empathize before judging cos only then can we love and get along with each other.


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