My Shujaa; Job Waka

2013 has finally come to an end and what better way to draw the curtains on this year but to celebrate those people who have touched our lives positively and whether knowingly or unknowingly transformed us into better individuals in the society.We all have personal heroes, role models whom we look up to and whose... Continue Reading →


Uganda has been in the limelight of late majorly because of the controversial laws being passed by members of parliament in the name of morality. Wearing sexually provocative clothing is now illegal and one found going against this law by wearing skimpy clothing is liable for prosecution. Thought this was absurd? Well, the members of... Continue Reading →


I never thought I would ever look back at my life and be proud of my achievements. Well, this year has been exceptional for me more so because of the immense growth I have experienced as an individual. I still don’t believe that I have come this far and have to pinch myself occasionally to confirm... Continue Reading →

Weekend of Terror- R.I.P Comrades

Friday the 13th is a black spot in most people’s calendars. The date is generally associated with evil and bad luck except for the non- superstitious people who view it as any other normal day.13th December had been declared a public holiday to the amusement of the working class and the varsity students who had... Continue Reading →

Judge Me Not…

The human society is composed of a bunch of messed up judgemental people who tend to think that they are more superior compared to everyone else around. We subconsciously segregate others and think of them lowly just because they don’t share our ideals or may have an opinion that slightly differs from ours.  Just because... Continue Reading →

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