KOT Evolution

Twitter has evolved drastically over the past six months and if you happened to have gone missing in action during that time, you’d feel strangely odd and lost on the new KOT timeline. Owing to my kind persona, I have taken it upon myself to orient those Tweeps who may be feeling a bit confused and are still attached to the old twitter days by pointing out some of the changes that have occurred.

a)  Emergence of the ‘Wordplaypithecus’

Well, remember the good old days when word play and such gimmicks were strictly @Njiiru’s and @ Masaku’s docket?  That’s all a page in history now. Recently, there has emerged a breed of KOT who have made it their mission to overthrow this monopoly. These “wordplaypithecus’ species will force the wordplay out of any given word or sentence. One wonders whether these people have a Kalahari-like sort of humour because of the anhydrous nature of the jokes and wordplays they try so hard to cook up. I’ll give them a pat on the back for trying.  Besides, they give us “TL” spectators something to hate on.

b)  “Makeniansis/ Polycarpiansis”

This term refers to act of putting up gorgeous female avatars in order to exploit the Team Mafisi nature of KOT male tweeps so as to gain avi induced followers. This gimmick is employed by malicious male tweeps who are out to get back at other male tweeps. The strategy has seen the downfall of many male tweeps on the Twitter streets. If you are a guy, tread carefully and be very wary before you go pouring your heart out on a female newbie’s DM, you could just be hitting on another dude unknowingly. Ignorance would be no defense in this circumstance; we’ll still term you gay. Word of advice, keep your thirst in check.

c)  The Nyakundi Legion

Remember when the old KOT used to hate Nyakundi and his legion of viral followers and they would be termed as KOT Twitter side Z? That seems to have changed now, of late, I haven’t seen this legion being roasted or hated on.  IT could be because the Legion has lost base or the ‘gaining’ followers mentality disappeared.  I am yet to come up with a concrete explanation for the above.

d)  Death of Blogs

There was point in KOT history when owning a blog was the vogue. Every KOT worth the salt would have a WordPress link and would proudly have the tag “Blogger” on their twitter Bio. Poetry, comedy, plays and tech blogs would flood our Timeline’s occasionally. For some time, this proved to be a positive trait amongst KOT. It gave budding writers an audience to broadcast their work to. Then Blogger Y, X and the list writers happened and spoilt the Blogger name for everyone by peddling rumours and defamatory allegations. Their blogs held on for a while mainly because of the gossip-loving nature of KOT, they wouldn’t miss a chance to get content to roast another tweep. It is sad that some very good genuine bloggers faded into oblivion because they couldn’t hack the competition. Now we can only hope that there will be a resurgence of blogging in the near future and we’ll see more of Kaana and the sorts’ blogging daily.

e)   Withering of Mr. Casanova’s charm

Male KOT tweeps can rest assured that their girlfriends/ crushes will be safe in their arms now that Mr. Casanova’s charm seemed to have faded. Not so long ago, female tweeps were crazy over Rammzy. Getting a followback was akin to winning some lottery and they would drool and ‘LOL’ to his tweets all day long.  The spell that bound them seemed to have been uncast. Why? I have no idea.

f)   The Meme Domain

Memes rock and you’d genuinely have to be a sod not to like them. In the KOT world, there is a tweep who has curved a niche for himself overtime. He’s the creator of the Kenyan made memes you see around. Droid254 is the meme master and King, closely followed by his Queen/apprentice Wairimujuliet. Masaku has been in the industry for long and he never disappoints to say the least.


Other than the above few changes, KOT is still the same. The tantrums, calling people ugly and the keyboard warriors/civil rights activists are still there. All you have to do is leave your brains at the log in Twitter point and you’ll feel right at home.

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