Pregnant In Campus

Pregnancy is the most beautiful thing that a woman can experience. It marks the transition from being merely a woman to the elevated status of becoming a mother; a giver of life. The respect and kindness accorded to pregnant women shows just how much society values expectant women.

However, the same cannot be said for women who get pregnant out of wedlock. This is viewed as a taboo in almost all African communities and the children born in such a manner are made to suffer the consequences of their parents’ lust by being referred to as “bastards”.



Unplanned pregnancies are coldly received as they are often associated with promiscuity and immoral behavior especially on the girl’s part.  Ladies are thus encouraged to maintain their virgin status until the time that they walk down the aisle.

Circumstances have changed over the years. Young men and women are being exposed to sexual intercourse way early in life, with some debuting into the world of intimacy from as early as fourteen years of age.  This is risky as most of them are not aware how to protect themselves with some being ignorant or totally unaware of the dangers.

The thrill of partaking in the forbidden fruit reaches its prime in campus mostly because young people now feel that they have attained the legal age and can do whatever they wish with their lives. One would think that campus students would be wise enough to use protection as they are more knowledgeable especially with regards to the effects of unprotected intercourse.  Sadly, this is not the case as most Campuserians seem to be living with the “living young and wild and free” mentality.

During drunken nights, a lot happens and in the heat of the moment, using protection becomes the last thing on one’s mind. Innocent freshmen are also lured into hitting it ‘raw’ as they are mostly still innocent and may be too shy or weak to resist such approaches from older boyfriends. Others are convinced by their steady boyfriends into engaging in unprotected sex so that they can prove their trust and faithfulness; furthermore, these boyfriends posit that the morning after pill or the all popular e-pill will always work.








However, things do not always works out as expected and the jitters begin showing once the periods delay. The lady is in panic mode and the only thing they can do is go for a pregnancy test with fingers crossed just to get some peace of mind. A confirmation of   the fears is received first of all in shock and disbelief which later develops into depression.

One begins wondering how they will break the news to their parents and most of all to their boyfriends if at all they are lucky enough to know the person responsible for the pregnancy. Fully aware of the shame and stigma that they will be forced to undergo once their parents and relatives become aware of the news, most ladies collude with their all too willing boyfriends to procure abortions.  The abortions are undertaken in secret with financial aid from friends. Although most of these young ladies are aware of the dangers of abortion, they would rather suffer the pain than deal with the humiliation.









Despite this sad realization, there are some ladies who are courageous enough to face their parents. The lucky ones who get support from their parents have it a bit smoothly but the stigma is still there.

Coping with pregnancy and studies can be very difficult. The cold stares and harsh words from classmates and the transition from becoming a young campus girl with the world ahead of her to becoming someone’s mother can be unbearable at times. Ladies who choose the harder path should be applauded and supported by all means. Pro-Life clubs and counseling institutions in most campuses across the country are seen as a shelter in the turbulent storm.







Getting pregnant is no alien thing; it could happen to any fertile lady. One needs to be extremely careful so as not to accelerate their debut into motherhood. There is time for everything. In as much as abstinence is a unicorn in this age and time, remember to always use protection. Some things are just not worth the pain and stigma.



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  1. True to it. The part all parties never want to think about is where the responsibility comes in. I mean, if a guy is ready to take care of a kid or a girl is willing to endure nine months of devastation from all corners then fine. Go a head. Make babies. If not, let the legs and zips be closed.
    This reasoning is hard to the modern-day young’uns. I wish they reason.


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