Men Grooming Habits That Turn Women Off

  1.   Sagging Pants

Dear men, especially the hip hop heads that sag their pants a little too low; nobody wants to see you underwear. In your twisted mind, you may think that it’s sexy but aint nobody got time for men who still sag their jeans. Hello? It is 2013, snap out of the 90’s and early 2000 fad.

2.  Oversize Tees

It’s so sad seeing young men walking around with oversize tees thinking they look like Soulja Boy while in real sense they look like malnourished kids donning an obese guy’s borrowed clothes. Quit emulating scare crowns and wear tees that actually fit you.

3.  Snap Backs

Whoever created this item of clothing must’ve been a guy with a really huge forehead who was trying to conceal it.  

4.  Extremely Skinny Jeans

I simply cannot fathom why a straight man in his right sense of mind would willingly wear tight skinnies. It’s fashionable, no doubts, but only if you’re in a competition of ‘whose butt is bigger’ between you and your woman.

5.  Stinky socks

I know it’s a guy’s thing to rewind their socks as many times as possible. But the line between guy code and dirtiness is crossed when it reaches a point where the stench emanating from your feet and shoes becomes lethal. The whole stinky feet issue is just a big turn off.

6.  Rugged Look

Rugged is sexy but not when it’s unkempt and dirty. You cannot break all the grooming rules simply because you are keeping a rugged look. Comb your hair, trim your beards, shower and dress yourself as required. No woman wants to date a man that looks like a homeless person.


4 thoughts on “Men Grooming Habits That Turn Women Off

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  1. Hehe… How did you know guys rewind socks??? LoL! That’s so high school. After that, if he still does that ah-ah, I don’t know. I’m looking forward to the “Ladies Grooming Habits That Turn Men Off”. Nina mengi ya kusema kwa hiyo.


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