Between age twenty and Twenty five, every girl is practically on top of the world. Young and glamorous, not a single care in the world. Numerous suitors are at your beck and call, one is spoilt for choice.  However, what most young ladies fail to realize is the fact that youth is a fast burning bonfire of which only cold ashes will remain. 

I may sound like a wet blanket while addressing this but the truth is always bitter and no one ever wants to be told brazen facts.

 As a woman, more so one in campus, you ought to remember that your looks will not last forever; neither will your body. Age is that little party pooper that we’d all love to strangle with our bare hands had we been given the chance. Gravity happens, a little sagging here and there and the killer body that you once had will be but a shadow of its former glory.

I know so many dudes are running after you at the moment, they stumble over each other just to get the rare occasion of taking you out on a date. Many will shower you with luxurious goods in a bid to woo you over. Even married men looking for some cheap thrills and adventures out of their marital beds will not hesitate to bribe their way into your pants.

The young lads from your campus will take you out on Friday nights, cheering you on as you guzzle alcohol and inhale that deadly Sheesha’ vapor.  They will smoke weed with you and term you as the ‘coolest’ chic they ever encountered. They will not hesitate to call you sexy when you dress skimpily and expose your body for all and sundry to see.

You are young, wild and free. Yes, that indeed is not questionable. But what you really need to ask yourself is the end result of your actions. What will they amount to?

Will any of your drinking and smoking buddies gladly walk you down the altar and make you the mother of his children future? Will you sleep at peace with yourself at night knowing that you are the cause of another woman’s broken marriage? Will the guy you’re sleeping around with take responsibility for his child should you get pregnant in the midst of you “bedminton” conquests or will he make you an accomplice to murder?

I know it’s hard to let go of all the cash he’s pouring on you, but what good is his money if his kids back at home are starving shamelessly because of his irresponsibility. It isn’t any of your business huh? But wait till the same is done to you. What goes around comes around eventually, Karma they say; it’s all part of the cycle of life.

Youth is deceitful, it can blind you. Every path is filled with tonnes of temptations, but that should never be an excuse.

You need to go out with your friends and have one or two drinks every once in a while. Make merry all you want, but know your limits.  Every wise woman must be guided by a set of tailor manufactured principles.  What do you aim for in life? Are you satisfied with depending on a man for your upkeep for the rest of your life? Is a wedding ring the best investment you can think about?

There are no shortcuts in life. If all you can pray for is a rich husband, then you are a shame to all empowered women.

You most definitely did not toil tirelessly throughout primary and secondary school just so that you could blow it all away in campus. Do not be fooled by ‘love’ or money. Never let your body be misused in anyway whatsoever by a man. Do not allow yourself to be tied down to anybody. It isn’t worth it.

Remember that good things come to those who wait. Better be single and happy at 40, than sad and bitter at 30 because you got lied to and emotionally destroyed by a bunch of undeserving men.  Some things are just not worth it.

As boring as it may sound, take advantage of the energy you have now to study. Invest in your academics; explore all the possible talents that you may possess. Choose only those people who share the same vision in life as you do. Build your character for a woman without one is but an empty shell. You’ll be surprised at just how far you can get.

There’s a time for everything. In no time you’ll graduate; get a job and maybe a place of your own. Nothing is as sweet as spending money that you’ve worked hard for. The man of your dreams will find you no matter how long you’ll have to wait.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fall neither is it too late to change your ways. Don’t waste your youth because of the vanity of beauty that will fade. Rely on your ambitions and work hard towards attaining the kind of life that will put a smile on your face even when you are 80.



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  1. This is great but girls will never go far if they keep blaming men for the consequences of the choices they make (which you have stated here).


  2. The sad truth: our youthful ladies don’t want to hear this. You pass as “uncool”, “weirdo” and all other wordings that they don’t want to be associated with- I guess. Most of them, infact, succumb to pressure by their gfs or even worse to “stand out” in a given thing. How do you just agree to somethings anyway? Limits don’t hurt. Reality Check…? I guess so.


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