Kenyans On Social Media: STOP BEING JUDGMENTAL

The other day, a lady on the popular reality TV show ‘Tujuane” got the roasting of her life from Kenyans on the social media simply because she boldly articulated what she believed in. I am not in any way supporting her sentiments with regards to the issue, but I do admire her for her brevity. Most people are afraid to express themselves in public for one reason; the fear of judgement.

The society is largely judgmental and will never leave the chance of criticizing a person who has erred in one way or another. The ‘holier than thou’ mentality is still at large amongst the populace. People indulge in the habit of criticizing the wrongs of others mainly because they are out to vindicate themselves, to try and convince themselves that they are better than someone else.

Individuals who have the habit of constantly criticizing the habits of others are cowardly. More often than not, they lack the confidence to engage in actions that are against the opinion of the general masses, however much they may believe in the rightfulness of the aforementioned actions. I tend to believe that they envy the fact that another person was able to do what they themselves could not owing to their timidity. The result is a string of insolent and negative remarks on a mission to vilify the aggrieved party.

As humans, we tend to think that our opinions, way of life and religion is perfect and right. The moment a person dares to go against what we generally think is ‘acceptable’ and ‘right’, they officially become an enemy. What we fail to understand is that people are different; the manner in which we view things is too diverse. What is right according to you may be considered totally absurd by another individual. The mere fact that people are raised in different environments necessitates this fact.

Why then should you judge an individual based on their beliefs? It makes absolutely no sense.

However, many Kenyans especially those on the social media do not seem to grasp this simple logic. They expect everyone to conform to their way of thinking. Strongly opinionated persons are meted with harsh words from those individuals who would rather die than stand firm for what they believe in. Hiding behind a Twitter/Facebook account, they aggressively criticize and judge those who dare to swim against the shoal.

The Kenyans on social media are a perfect example of the ‘mass/crowd’ mentality. Like sheep, they follow the lead and opinions of a few individuals. Once the supposed big shots in the social media circles endorse something; be it a genre of music or a certain drink, it automatically becomes law that you like it irregardless of your individual taste. Somehow you are supposed to agree with their every notion.

 Begs the question as to why you were given a mind of your own if you cannot make decisions for yourself.

Just because a girl feels like exposing her boobies to the rest of the world by posting photos on the internet does not give you any right to call her a ‘slut’. Remember, no one died and made you the guardian of human morality. It may be immoral according to you, but then again, they are her boobies, not yours. What business do you have debating about the issue anyway?

So someone slept with their boss and got a promotion at work, what rights have you to judge her actions? It isn’t your vagina after all; neither did anyone prevent you from doing the same.  So he got money to develop himself from a sugar mummy, that doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s more successful than you are.

I’m not trying to justify wrong actions, all I’m saying is that people should stop being judgmental. Learn to let people be, how a person chooses to run their life is none of your business. Whether a person wants to worship a damn piece of bread or marry 100 wives/ husbands is their own choice. As long as they are not breaking the law nor impeach your personal space, you have no reason to poke your nose in their life. Take a chill pill and let people be.



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  1. We are living in a liberal country and world, where every body has a free will to do whatever he wants to do, dress the way they want to, and conduct themselves in whatever manner they want to. BUT there’s a crucial thing a person needs to consider, if your conscience is condemning you. though other conscience are dead they no longer have feelings to discern what is wrong or right, don’t do what your heart is denying. Another very important thing to consider is whether what you are doing is helpful to other people around you or it is making others sin. If whatever we consider right is wrong in the eyes of God and people and the laws of the land then i don’t see the point of continuing to do what is offending others.


  2. chicks exposing their boobies part to the world!… oooh this is wrong and MUST be critisised by all means for them to stop this evil simply coz through it may tempt men to sin;bible says,just by looking,thinking & desire of a lady who is not ur wife ar part of commiting a sin.ladies showing boobies causes nomal men to desire for sex which is a sin.there4 all ladies must let their private parts be shown only to their husband & boobies ar part of privacy.


  3. Hey Leah, what an interesting post.

    I so agree with you on this though I haven’t watched the particular episode. I have only watched one of these and I was far from impressed. Kenyans say ours is a christian nation but then one must come to the conclusion they haven’t read their bibles for there they would find the warning against judging others!


  4. well written post but… i’m blowing hot and cold on it… esp that ‘boobies’ part. i see no wrong in bashing chicks who expose themselves to everyone. it’s just wrong… that calls for blog post from me. good stuff though.


  5. From a Christian point of view this article is all wrong. Yes you shouldn’t judge people and their actions, but this shouldn’t justify you keeping quiet when someone does something against the word of God. Say, exposing your boobs to the world. You made a brother sin somewhere, making you responsible for their sin, and you will be judged for that. Let people do what they want, but tell them where it goes beyond the limit.


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