Of Women and Beauty

Beauty is highly valued by the human race, be it in reference to the landscape or the environment at large.  Every person appreciates a beautiful sight, something that they would wish to continue gazing at even after the first glance. Hence, the reason as to why human beings invest so much on their  outward appearances , more so when it comes to the woman.

Women have always been considered the SI units of human beauty ever since the beginning of time .The branding of whether a woman was beautiful or not was however subject to the males in society. Every man had an ideal image of the kind of woman they considered “beautiful” and some would even compose songs and poems to praise her beauty. The Biblical book “Songs of Solomon” is one good example. The woman in this instance is praised using all manner of metaphors and allusions by her lover. She is described as a graceful deer, fresh lilies of the valley and so on.

Descriptions that befitted a slender woman, with well built bones, silky black hair and well structured facial outlines prove that such was the ideal kind of woman in the holy book.  Families would do the much they could to ensure that their son managed to tie the knot with a woman with such features.

The Egyptian’s were famous for the outstanding beauty of their women. These women were the founders of the modern day cosmetic beauty products industry. Cleopatra for instance would bathe in milk to enhance the complexion and smoothness of her skin. Lipstick and kohl all came from the Egyptians.

Closer home in Africa, height was a key element when determining the aesthetic appeal of a woman. She had to have a long neck, a slender waist and heavy buxom. A man would only pay dowry for a woman who had the capabilities of bearing him many children. Of course no one wanted a manner less and lazy wife, grace and hard work all complemented the aesthetic appeal of a woman in general.

Fast forward to 2013, much has not changed. Men still hold diverse perceptions regarding beauty and the ideal type of woman. Some are of the opinion that fair-skinned women are the ultimate measure of female beauty while some strongly advocate for ‘the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice” adage and prefer dark skinned women. Most men prefer a woman that has some flesh that they can hold on to, hence the demand for thick/curvaceous women. These men claim that a skinny woman will only serve the purpose of poking one’s body with her bony frame especially when it comes to intimacy. They however unanimously advise against a woman being too overweight as this again proves to be a hindrance.

While some men prefer women with long hair, others fancy one with short hair. It’s all really a matter of preferences. No woman should therefore ever feel pressured to change her appearance because they feel ‘ugly’. As long as men hold the upper mantle when it comes to evaluating and terming one as beautiful or not, every woman will always find her niche. All you have to do is sit back and wait for the man who’ll think that you are the most beautiful creature he has ever stumbled upon.

Do not feel threatened by the celebrities that young men have a habit of drooling and lusting over. Fact is, they’ll never get to even see some of them. Furthermore, there can only be one Beyonce, Rihanna and Shakira. No amount of plastic surgery and Botox will ever make you look like them.

The mere fact that you have A-cup boobs or pimples all over you face should not make you feel any less pretty than those magazine cover models. Just because your hips resemble those of a teenage boy yet you are in your mid- twenties doesn’t mean that you are not sexy. Stay positive knowing that a man somewhere thinks you are the siren he’s been waiting for all his life. Here’s to being beautiful, cheers! 🙂 

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