The Religion Dilemma

I have been born and raised as a Catholic. Throughout my entire life, my values and beliefs center around the dogma instilled in me during religion and personal development classes. The sanctity of the church, the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Eucharist are things I  respect. The cardinal principles have played a huge role in shaping my life and the paths that I tread on; like a huge invincible compass over my head. I have grown up knowing that I have a guardian Angel hovering around me at all times, like that Imaginary friend who is on your side every time, protecting you against possible evil, sort of like Batman; only that Gotham in this case is your soul. I have grown up knowing that sin is something I should avoid at all costs, it taints your soul and makes God frown upon you.

With that in mind, I have learnt to make the confessional a frequent haven.The tales of the sufferings in purgatory and the sulphur, fire and brimstones that awaits sinners in hell are enough incentive.  Heaven is definitely something to look forward to: even though the idea of never aging and living forever in a bodiless form scares me just as much as hell.

I do have faith, but that faith at times is not sufficient to push out the questions that hover within the depths of my soul. The whole idea of religion is a very complex matter. Christianity for instance is based on the idea of a god that offers himself to die for the salvation and atonement of the sins of mankind, and all those who believe in the truth of this will automatically be salvaged. Yet, amongst Christians themselves, there are so many differences and deviations that one wonders what the truth really is. The church basically emphasizes on the fact that those who go against the commandments will suffer while those who follow them will be rewarded.

The idea of prosperity is so deep rooted that most Christians will do anything just so that they can be favoured by God. This concepts begs the question, doesn’t this make God a discriminative kind of deity? The whole “Israel is my chosen people” kind of talk in the Old Testament really gets to me, sort of amounts to racism in my own opinion. Does it mean that those who are not Christians but are good will not stand a chance of going to heaven? Suppose we are all victims and what we have all been taught in doctrine is a creation of some whack person’s overly wild imagination?

Matters of this nature are a bit complex: the Muslim, the Hindu and all the other religions ascribe to their different scriptures, their beliefs are all diversified but one factor remains constant: evil is punished, while good is rewarded. This concept of morality dwells in every society. Yet, our idea of God is as diverse as the numerous religions. Others worship a fearful or formidable deity that does not delay in meting his/her wrath when wronged, others worship a God that brings about good health, wealth and fortune, other’s worship a God that is three in one, others worship a God that is everywhere at the same time. Well, we are all worshippers of something, each man with his own God. Different paths all heading towards one direction, some better and more convincing than others. One ultimate end

Is there really such a thing as the end of time?? Will bodies of long-dead people be resurrected? I personally get scared trying to imagine the whole scene- seems like  a very ill- plotted and twisted zombie horror film. Trying to picture angels/ spirits looking like ghosts blowing on trumpets is horrifying. I am certainly not looking forward to experiencing that scene. Neither do I think that living in the spirit form in a garden where I will never get to eat nor reproduce nor sleep but listen to endless music from a harp is a fascinating reward. It sounds like torture.

Will there be judgment? Will we finally be able to see God??? That I cannot answer. But what I am certain about is the fact that I will live an honest life, whether I worship an immortal deity or not, I will do good unto others and unto myself, enjoy everything the world has to offer in moderation; seek Justice for all, and obey the law. Until that day when the embers of life burn out and with death everything else fades into oblivion…

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  1. Believing in Biblical truth does not necessarily mean you have followed it blindly. Second, by free thinking and liberal thinking, you mean trying to find your own way of getting to heaven. maybe i would pose the question what is the heaven that you are refer to?


  2. The issue of religion is very sensitive and people have refused to be free thinkers but instead follow what has come to be referred to as the ‘bible truth’ blindly. No offence to Lakti Laktos. Sometimes we just need to change our perspectives a little. In my opinion, being nice with the main hope of going to heaven is the moral equivalent of being nice to a girl just so she will sleep with you.


      1. none taken. that would be just another way to say i believe in something totally. but being broad in such matters is lack of belief and trying to “play safe just in case…you never know”


  3. I think the Scriptures make things clear. there is nothing like different ways that lead to one destination I only know of one way and that is Christ. Morality is good but that is not enough to get one to heaven.


    1. What if there is no heaven? what then?and according to you, doe it mean that Christianity is the only true religion?


  4. what if we are in a never ending cycle
    the chosen people, difference on how to get to heaven in the testaments, conditions like to be a christian yet you good ,picture of heaven and the end of time …. questions I ask myself all the time … are we blind believers or hopeful ones


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