Relationships 101: Dealing With Break Ups

We enter into relationships expecting perfection. But it’s never a smooth sailing, there is turbulence all around. The numerous fights and cold wars are all part of the package.Sometimes you look back at your life and wonder why you got into a relationship in the first place. The person that you once new so well... Continue Reading →

The University of Nairobi: A Case of Lost Glory

September, 2012; I walked into the University of Nairobi pregnant with expectations and high hopes upon being admitted into the ‘world-class’ university. These expectations were however shattered before they could even take root as I arrived at the college that I had been enrolled into. The famous College of Architecture A.D.D Building that churns out... Continue Reading →

the Gamble that is life..

18th July 2013: there’s nothing special attached to it, other than the fact that it’s the great Madiba’s birthday. I can’t even remember what I was up to a day like this last year. The days have flown by so fast; my youthful days are dwindling at an alarming rate. Soon, I will have children... Continue Reading →

The Religion Dilemma

I have been born and raised as a Catholic. Throughout my entire life, my values and beliefs center around the dogma instilled in me during religion and personal development classes. The sanctity of the church, the Immaculate Conception and the Holy Eucharist are things I  respect. The cardinal principles have played a huge role in... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Jibbies

The past month has been rather cold and the sight of pregnant women on the streets has been making me give them those ‘I know what you did’ eyes and stupid grins. Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, the gateway to motherhood. It’s supposed to transform a woman into a goddess of some sorts, but sadly... Continue Reading →

Accept and Move On

Some few years ago, if one had dared told me that I would not be on speaking terms with my close circle of friends, I would have condemned them straight to damnation. Such a sad event was beyond the scope of my bubbly imagination at the time. I had people around me that I loved... Continue Reading →


The Murram Road Chronicles

(it’s Saturday, the sun is hot as hell and the whole house has decided to go to the swimming pool. Mckym follows Shee to the ladies changing room)

LENCER: (covering her boobs with her arm) BOSS!!!, unajua kusoma kweli? Hauoni imeandikwa LADIES kwa mlango?

DOPEST: relax Lencer, acha achange akiwa hapa, Mckym is one of us. Akienda changing room ya machali hata concetrate juu ya Wateba

(they all laugh. They all change and emerge out of the rooms and walk towards the pool)

JOE: (caressing his belly) wasee checki vile Miss Murang’a ametokea poa na bikini (he points at Mckym)

MBUNDE: pwahahahahaha!!!! Kwanza ya pink

MASAKU: walahi Mckym amekaliwa chapati na Shee

(meanwhile Rama has noticed a group of very beautiful ladies at the deep end side of the pool)

RAMA: Totois si totois, leo ni siku mzuri, acha nifloss sasa na skills zangu za maji

WATEBA: enda tu ujirushe…

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