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With the pompous swearing in ceremony of the Jubilee government, Kenyans all over were filled with hope. For some reasons, everyone had faith that things would drastically undergo metamorphosis. With huge expectations come huge disappointments. Barely 2 months down the line, the nation has been plunged into chaos. The electorate can now relate to that poor uneducated village boyfriend that spent all his resources educating a young lass and sending her to the university only to be dumped without a second thought when she graduates, and to add salt to the injury gets married to her ‘classy lover’.  Despite radically campaigning for the exit of the old goons from the Parliament in support for young blood, the new dogs have adapted and perfected the skills of their old counterparts. They have gone ahead to demand for an obscure salary increment without giving a hoots about the poverty stricken tax-payers that elected them into office.

It is no wonder then that the likes of Boniface Mwangi boldly compared their shameless actions to that of pigs and did not hesitate to show them exactly what Kenyans thought of them. They have absolutely no right to snatch the little we have to fatten up their already plumb pockets.  In fact their salary should be slashed, for people who work only twice a week and are paid to attend events and partake of expensive meals and drinks they are being paid quite a lump sum. I tend to think that MPs are just but glorified Socialites with government offices but who lack the sex appeal and stolen American accent that is a signature among such folks who get paid to do nothing. One cannot compare the work being done by these fellows with that of health workers and teachers who are being paid a pittance. It is only logical for nurses and doctors who spend the whole day on their toes running up and down looking after patients and saving lives to be paid more to motivate and reward them for their efforts.

And as teachers take to the streets this week to demand the government to fulfill their part of the deal that was reached at in earlier years, one can only pray that this time, they will get those allowances that they have fought so hard to get. Teachers have been the corner stone of our development as a nation, like it or not, the far we’ve come is because of how our teachers shaped us. how a teacher somewhere in Mandera brazes the afternoon heat to teach students under a tree still gets the motivation to wake up every morning with the hope of impacting knowledge and help improve the lives of those children is a skill that requires a selfless heart and lots of dedication.

So many have lost their lives to stray bullets from bandits and rustlers in those marginalized areas in the course of duty yet the government has been adamant to give them a risk or hardship allowance.  The uproar caused by KNUT’s chairman Mr.Sossiot is indeed very justified; the amount of money put aside to implement the laptops policy is obnoxious and ridiculous. How would a child in a rural school that barely has a roof over their head let alone a wall or access to electricity benefit from such? Mind you the same school has two or three teachers with a student count of over three hundred; this does not make sense even to the most twisted mind. Are the laptops supposed to teach these children? The government principals should have thought through their plan before simply planting it in their manifesto…or maybe their advisors were high.

Our country sure does need miracles, with the kind of budget posted for the next financial yet, we are already knee-depth in debt.  One can only hope that we are not plunged into a vicious cycle of poverty and debt




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