The Hypocrisy of the Modern Day Church

Over the years, religion has been the core source of moral intuition in our societies. We view evil and good in the perspective of our religious dogma; in essence human beings have always depended on religion to guide their daily activities.

However, over the years, religion and specifically the church has lost it’s significance amongs the people. The piousness associated with the church as the house of God has gradually been eroded. Church leaders have converted the house of God into booming business venture to profit theirselves and their families. The salvation of wretched souls is far from their agenda. Selfishness has dominated their very souls turning them into creatures that seek to suck the last cent out of their faithful, like blood sucking leeches.

These church leaders are always preaching about joyful giving and about prosperity to those that give more. One is left wondering where these so~called men pf God obtain there sermons from. It is not uncommon to hear cases of rape, alcoholism, sodomy and drug abuse perpetrated by these ‘saved’ and devoted servants of God. Afterall, they are but mere mortals, slaves of the flesh.

The church that was once a home for the homeless and a haven for widows, orphans and the helpless no longer has room for these people. They are more preoccupied with constructing magnigicent structures and buying expensive cars for the men of the cloak. Does the Christian God really care for a building as opposed to aiding the poor from their predicaments??? Didn’t Christ himself warn against such?? It seems the modern day preachers are reading from a totally different script from that of their founder.

The faithful themselves follow in the footsteps of their leaders. Sunday service has ceased to be a time of fellowship and communion with other believers. Instead, they have turned into show~off tirades as people battle to be the best~dressed, drive the flashiest car and contribute the most in the weekly church Harambees. Gossip fills their tongues, they deem themselves perfect as they speak ill of those who are not as ‘saved’ as they are. They term any individual who does not attend church service a sinner, one would mistakenly think they are the ones to decide who goes to heaven or hell.

Gone are the days when one would walk into a church just to seek the solace and transquility. Christianity really went to the dogs with the death of Christ and His disciples. It is no surprise therefore to find so many people shunning away from it, most people would rather guard their souls by holding on to that which they believe to be truth. True worship is within the depths of the heart. No sane person should blindly follow the dogmas of a few corrupt individuals who claim to be servants of God.

2 thoughts on “The Hypocrisy of the Modern Day Church

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  1. interesting observation. i have always considered church a social place. for the pastors it is an avenue for making money and it has always been like that throughout the history of the church.


  2. Good observation. Funny how church feels strange and lonely when your friend misses. Interaction levels are almost zero if you have no common background like estate or school.


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