The Intrigues of Campus Relationships

It’s 5:50 am on Sunday morning, a time of the week when most folks sleep in.  Lyn stealthily makes her way back to her hostel, afraid of bumping into somebody she knows. She is not alone; dozens of other fellow college girls or in some cases boys are making their way back to their respective... Continue Reading →

The Battle of the Sexes

We are currently living in a very confusing generation, men what to be women and women to be men. I call it the Audrey-Andrewiosis. Women have always been considered as the weaker sex, but thanks to Feminists who fought tooth and nail , this  perception has  gradually been eliminated.  The lives of women the world... Continue Reading →

In The News…

With the pompous swearing in ceremony of the Jubilee government, Kenyans all over were filled with hope. For some reasons, everyone had faith that things would drastically undergo metamorphosis. With huge expectations come huge disappointments. Barely 2 months down the line, the nation has been plunged into chaos. The electorate can now relate to that... Continue Reading →

The Hypocrisy of the Modern Day Church

Over the years, religion has been the core source of moral intuition in our societies. We view evil and good in the perspective of our religious dogma; in essence human beings have always depended on religion to guide their daily activities. However, over the years, religion and specifically the church has lost it's significance amongs... Continue Reading →

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