Jealousy makes the world go round

Ever since we were toddlers, our parents and caretakers always warned us against the wicked vice of jealousy. It was evil and amounted to no good,  such stories were backed up with biblical evidence:characters the likes of Cain and Abel, Esau and Jacob, Leah and Rachel were quoted. And so we grew up knowing that we should not covet what other people had, nor have an inkling of the desire to be like another being.

But, deep inside we all know that a normal human is incapable of being completely devoid of this feeling. We are programmed to always view other people as better than our own selves. As such, we are in a continuous cycle of trying to improve who we are by tring to outdo others. Even the very people that preach against jealousy harbour it deep inside.  Being jealous of others is rational part of us and we should not live a pretentious life trying to hide that fact. Another person will always look better than us, they will be more successful and even have better facilities. But our envy of their success should not be an hinderance to our own success.

Healthy jealousy drives us to work hard to better our own lives, get a better job and promotions while at it. Without jealousy, we would all be complacent. Life would be a drag as result of the lack of competition. We all need that extra motivation that we derive from viewing the progress of other folks and refusing to be left behind. But that jealousy should not become an obsession that we intentionally sabotage the progress of others just so that they may not outdo us. That is a twisted way of thinking and it should be shunned.

A little bit of jealousy makes is what we need to make the world a better place…just a tiny little drop in each one of us

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