Approaching the horizon

A while back, negativity defined my whole life. I was made to believe that i would amount to nothing, that I should just accept to be regular plain Jane. I was pessimistic, nothing seemed to make sense.  But, looking back now, it has been the best thing ever, a blessings. Doors have opened, I’m beginning to live the life I’ve always envisioned.

Amidst my spells of confusion, a stern voice reminds me that things will be ok. And there’s this new confidence about me that never existed before, the tidbits of low self esteem that once existed have disappeared. It almost seems like a rebirth of some sort, the Phoenix has risen from the ashes.

Life isn’t easy, neither are the decisions that we are faced with on a daily basis. We will never be right at all times and neither will we be wrong. If we choose to wallow in our past mistakes then we are the ones to lose.

The resultant of life is death, it is unavoidable. And as i journey through this life, i am determined not to take my awesomeness to the grave. Living in the moment is the secret to happiness, and maybe the strong faith that things will work out for me. For now, i shall bask in the momentary bliss that is my life. I shall glory in the achievements made so far. It has been tough but grace has seen me through….somehow, i feel myself drifting towards the horizon of greatness. I can already feel the breeze at the coast, the smell of the saline waters, the sand at my feet…greatness awaits

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