The campus Diva: a parent’s creation

A while back, there was a lot of uproar in social media and also in all streets when a bunch of ‘clever’ girls embraced entrepreneurship and decided to open a Facebook page to help them find connections with rich men. parents, men of the cloak, radio presenters and Kenyans everywhere bayed for their blood as they frantically admonished these young women for being ‘loose’ and immoral and advocated for the page to be closed down.

Well, in as much as I do not support the whole idea, I believe these divas were/are clever lot. Let’s face it, dozens of young ladies in our local universities and colleges engage in casual sexual intercourse be it with a one night-stand or long-term partners, the only difference is that these Divas turned the whole notion into a viable business plan. Why give something up for free when you can earn decent cash doing the same? Any rational person would choose the latter. It’s sort of like a capitalistic market; the highest bidder takes the price. A matter of give and take: willing buyer, willing seller. Kaput!

Try selling that fact to the society and immediately you’ll be labeled as a sympathizer of immoral persons and an enemy to the youth of this country. We are a society that is two-faced, turning a blind eye to issues and pretending they do not exist in the vague hope that they will disappear. Parents everywhere will rather jump Lake Baringo and swim right across it rather than discuss matters of sexuality with their children. Woe unto the person who dares to bring such discussions or tries to enlighten young adults. The ‘anaharibu mtoto wangu’ fights will ensue.

 It is sad that parents were among the front-runners in condemning the Campus Divas yet they are the major part of the problem. Most parents do not have a clue of what activities their young ones engage in while in campus. They always assume that their young girls are angels and those of other people are the ‘immoral’ ones.  Mothers will proudly banter on about how so and so’s girl has “spoiled”, about how she’ll get pregnant before completing her studies and about how she’ll end up getting the dreaded venereal diseases. Never at one point do they sit down and ponder about their own daughter, whether she too, could be sailing in the same boat. Your own flesh and blood is never the villain, but it’s ok if another’s turns out so. Parents everywhere should know that they are the same people who raised that ‘evil’ campus diva. They are the creators of the gruesome monster and should take due blame for their actions. I believe none of these girls ventured into Diva-dom because they had enough cash to throw around. No one in their right mind would take up such a hobby.

Most of these girls have been forced by difficult circumstances into doing anything to survive in the concrete jungle. A parent that has already paid a huge chunk of their savings for school fees does not understand why their daughter keeps pestering them for cash. They fail to notice that times have changed and the modern-day university going lady has a lot of dynamic needs. What with fashion constantly changing and the need for a new weave every now and then, neither can one wear the same shoes daily nor put on the same jacket from Monday to Monday. This may seem trivial but appearance plays a huge role in how a woman carries herself and her whole self esteem. Of course, there are worse case scenarios where young ladies are left at the mercy of their own means by irresponsible guardians. A lady therefore has to look for a way of surviving amidst the tough financial restrictions. Jobs are not that easy to find especially when you are still a student in school with no particular work experience. A lady therefore seeks to exploit their major resource: the looks and young body that they have been endowed with. And parents play dumb, never questioning where their daughter suddenly got an iPhone, expensive dresses, shoes and a whole lot of accessories from. They prefer to assume that maybe she won a lottery and forgot to mention it. It is high time that parents took responsibility and play their parenting role as they ought to, and maybe, in the future, such breed of ladies will not exist in our society




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