How to be a gentleman

Many of our Kenyan men are lacking in the gentleman department when it comes to etiquette and how to treat ladies as they ought to. Here are a few pointers on how to become the perfect gentleman and blow ladies away with your charisma

1. Dress appropriately
Believe it or not,no lady wants to be seen walking around with a grown up man dressed like Weezy or some guy pulled out of a Vybez Kartel video. Please note the use of the word ‘lady’. Women are suckers for guys dressed smartly and exuding that look and feel of power,wonder why men dressed in well-cut official wear always attract keepers? Well,there you have it. A man dorned in such exhibits maturity and that ‘financial stability that decent ladies look forward to in a man. So get rid of those baggy and flashy t~shirts,caps and jeans and grab a nice shirt and trouser for a change. You wont be disappointed.

2. Holding doors
Even with the upsurge of feminist ideologies and women empowerment in this era,women will always be sweft off their feet by that guy who will be charming enough to open a door for them,be it into a car,building or wherever. Put on your gentleman hat, pull that door for her and be rest assured that she will never grow tired of you. It’s not much of an effort neither does it cost much,plus the added benefit of checking her out as she walks out. Why not try it?

3. Holding the Umbrella for her
Any proper man knows that is natural to offer your umbrella to a lady when it’s raining. There is no debate about it,good manners states so. If you’re sharing one,then the man should always hold the umbrella for her and never the other way around, you should also steer her away from puddles and shield her from splashes.

3.holding her elbow/hand when crossing the road.
A man should always hold a lady’s arm or elbow when crossing the road. He should also walk on the side of the roas where the traffic is coming from. That also applies for the case where they are walking along the road or on the side walk,the man should always shield the lady from any moving vehicles,bicycles and what have you.

4. Offering a seat
If seated at a gathering and a lady happens to arrive, a man should always offer up his seat for the woman if there are no other seats around. He should always pull the seat for the lady,and should never seat down before the lady has properly settled down. A man should never view this as a tasking obligation but as an act of chivalry. It is only natural to do so.

5. Ordering food

When taking a lady out, a man should have the courtesy of letting her order first. He should also never start digging into her plate before she does. A gentleman should always remember this

6. Footing the Bill
Again,if you happen to take lady out, always foot the bill as you are the host in this scenario. Where both of you have agreed to split the bill beforehand then you can go Dutch. This is to avoid the awkardness that arises when the bill is brought and none is uncertain as to whom should pay. It is improper to have those brawls of competing to get hold of the bill. This means that a guy needs to conduct a reconnaissance of the restaurants he can afford and their price ranges before taking a lady put.

7. Phone etiquette

Never ever fiddle with your phone during a date or when conversing with a lady. It is a rude gesture as it implies that she is a boring conversation mate or that you lack interest in whatever she is talking about. She may not voice the issue but it is actually offensive. If you must text or pick an important call, then have the courtesy of excusing yourself first.

8. Complement her

Well,most Kenyan men never seem to notice when their girlfriend has gone an extra step to look good. It may seem trivial to a man,but this can actually wound a woman’s self esteem permanently. It doesnt matter that her weaves all look the same,or that the only make up she wears is lipbalm. If you look closely enough,you will always notice something different about her. Always take time to complement her, tell her her new dress really brings her curves out,or that she looks exceptionally good. You might be surprised just how much she’ll love you for this.

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