types of men not to date

We of the skirt race constantly complain about how our trouser-wearing counterparts don’t treat us the way we ought to in matters pertaining romance and relationships. No woman will ever at any point in her life lack something to complain about their man. We claim that men just do not understand us, they don’t listen to what we have to say and call us nags for no particular reason. But more often than not, we fail to realize that we are the same people who blindly fell head over heels for the same folks. As soon as he called you ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ all the reasoning and logic vanished from our minds. The fella became elevated to the pedestal of a miniature god and became faultless before our eyes. The little mistakes he made were swiftly forgiven and we blatantly assumed that he would never repeat them again; this of course eventually turns into a vicious cycle.

I blame the woman for how she is treated in a relationship. The moment you accept half-baked promises you begin to compromise yourself. Men are neither oxygen nor water that you would die without. You most definitely do not need one to survive; they are but mere luxuries that spice up our lives. Luxuries should improve our lives and thus you have the right to choose the man who truly makes you happy; the pedigree type. We all have our own tastes and preferences but there are those men who are a total no-no. Here are some pointers on the types of men that every woman should run away from faster than a momo towards free food at a buffet

  1. Mr. Smoothie Tongue

This type of dude has the sweetest words ever. He always has a way of getting himself out of sticky situations and knows how to make you go from raging lunatic to smiley Lola in a micro second. This type is talented with words and has women eating out of his palm. A major characteristic of these types of men is that they are serial flattery-masters and pathological liars. Any woman in need of a serious relationship should stay away from such men, unless of course you desire to be lied to or want an irresponsible man.


  1. The Dark Knight

Please note that men in this category have no affiliation whatsoever to Batman. They are disgraceful men who prefer to undertake their businesses under the cover of darkness. They will ask you out only at night even and never will they be seen with you during the day. if a man cannot show his trophy around there can only be two logical conclusions as to why he isn’t doing so: either he thinks you are ugly and does not want to be caught dead walking with you or he has several other women who will be at his neck if they sense the subtlest form of competition. No man should ever make you a woman of the night just for his own sake. If he is not a vampire then there is no reason for you to tolerate him, ditch him ASAP.


  1. 3.     Mommy’s Boy


These are the saddest and most frustrating lot to date. If your guy is still being bought for boxers and vests by his mother then you better prepare to be ‘mummified’- the process of being slowly turned into a hologram of his mother. Everything you do shall have to be vetted and approved by his mother; it’s more like dating you are dating her rather than him. If you love your freedom, run away from this type


  1. 4.     Gamer and Football Maniacs


Well, every guy loves his games, but if he is totally hooked to them you better hit the road at top speed. These sort of guys tend to live in a cocoon and will treat their play box better than you. They will never notice how your hair looks or how you’ve struggled to look good for them. You could chop off your fingers and they wouldn’t even notice, they are the most boring lot and one can barely hold a conversation with them. If you want a guy that will make you feel loved then avoid the gamer maniac.

If he cries more when his favorite team wins than when you have a fight then you should know that you are nowhere near the priorities in his life. He would probably marry his team if he could. The car lovers also fall in this category.


  1. 5.     The Family Guy

If you’re dating a guy who introduces every female you happen to meet when you are with him as a cousin or family friend, you need to call it quits. If he doesn’t have a huge extended family that warrants the justification then he is lying. Such guys are commitment phobic and would rather die than become committed to one woman. They are fore runners of the safety in numbers slogan and they most definitely do not want the inconvenience of sticking to one woman. What with all the other women around to share the love with??? If you don’t mind polygamous unions then this is your guy


  1. 6.     Mr. I’m sorry it won’t Happen again

Men in this category are by far the worst. They never take responsibility for their actions and are always the ones being victimized. They will blame whatever thing they can just to get out of a situation. They are quick to use the ‘sorry’ word which they do not mean by any standards. Caught cheating, they will blame the other woman for seducing him. He will abuse you and blame it on his drunken nature. These men are the main recipes’ for heartbreaks and hurt amongst womenfolk and no woman should ever be caught in this trap and believe their “it won’t happen again” crap. Any woman who loves herself should never date these men for they are a shame even to men out there




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