imprisoned by education

it’s been so long since i last wrote something, my hands feel heavy and my brain is no better, rusty and creaky: brain-lag at it’s best. education has reduced me to a robot, i simply cannot think, swallowing knowledge without ever questioning: fact is fact. as i struggle with the T-squares and set-squares i cannot help but wish for my old mind, a mind with unquenchable thirst for ideas, my own idealogies..with my inquisitiveness gone, the inner me died, that brilliance that i had is slowly being massacred, now an empty shell of what i used to be is what remains..a hollow robot, one that does not ask any questions but only follows what has been posited… education has ruined my personality, though my cognitive abilities may have increased,the inner me has been impoverished. i have been turned into a regular Mary, ordinary Jane…my life revolves around classes and lectures, food and sleep. i am a prisoner of a Vampire educational system, sucking dry the psyche for life we possess out of our own volition…leaving us but empty shells

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