Every single lady has her inner circle of friends, a bunch of cronies whom they can have a little chit chat with on every possible topic under the sun; right from the best color of nail polish that would match their personality to more complex issues concerning the B-word. Well, the latter has been known to dominate girl talks and ladies night outs since time immemorial…the B-word. Boyfriends play the leading role in most of our conversations, be it the more positive sweet and mushy stuff where each lady tries to outdo the others as they vent endless praises about their boyfriend who is supposedly the best ever, or the negative complaints about them not treating us (womenfolk) right. One minute they are the knights in shining armour and the next they are the wicked wizard. Yet they remain an indispensable part of every girl’s life at some point, they’ll be there to buy you cake, chocolate and flowers (at least on Valentine’s Day) , you’ll have someone who has(or pretends to have ) interest in your daily activities, a person to banter endlessly to, a person that will bring a spark to your otherwise boring life. In as much as they are gross at times, what with rewinding socks and wearing a pair of jeans till they become hardy, in as much as they waste their precious time watching a bunch of ass grown men chasing a mass of inflated spherical leather up and down a pitch, and they focus all their mental energy when playing Fifa, we still love them. Our own little puppies whom we can shower with love yet at the same time control and manipulate into executing our commands…every girl must have a man in her life, and not just any man but a man who would treat her like the princess she is, a man that will pamper her and make her feel like she’s on top of the world. It’s not always about the money, at times the most broke dudes have the sweetest of words. Every woman wants to be told that they are beautiful (and I ain’t talking about inner beauty FYI), everyone wants to be loved, to be told they are special…every girl deserves a boyfriend that truly loves her. Never settle for less other than the ideal man you’ve always dreamt of, never compromise, a lady must have standards. and if the one you have does not make an effort of at least treating you like a duchess if not a princess then by all means walk away, your head held high, your grace intact, he does not deserve you, your prince will find you, there’s no rush, always remember that it’s not a boyfriend competition

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