Every single lady has her inner circle of friends, a bunch of cronies whom they can have a little chit chat with on every possible topic under the sun; right from the best color of nail polish that would match their personality to more complex issues concerning the B-word. Well, the latter has been known... Continue Reading →


That moment in life when nothing seems to interest you anymore, not even the things you literally used to worship…and you try as much as possible to convince yourself that’s it’s just a phase that will soon end, darkest before dawn, light at the end of the tunnel mind-set… but deep inside you know that... Continue Reading →

imprisoned by education

it's been so long since i last wrote something, my hands feel heavy and my brain is no better, rusty and creaky: brain-lag at it's best. education has reduced me to a robot, i simply cannot think, swallowing knowledge without ever questioning: fact is fact. as i struggle with the T-squares and set-squares i cannot... Continue Reading →

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