there’s more to life……

They say the only constant thing in life is change…a change in perception, a change in environment, a change in the way and mode that we live our lives. I can fully attest to having experienced this driving force, so much has happened, yet at the same time so little seems to have changed around me. The paradox that is life, expecting so much yet gaining so little:  toiling so earnestly then harvesting only a fraction of your hard labour. But should that make us give up entirely on this life? There’s so much to life other than the little pleasures we are mistaken to believe are the foundations of the so called ‘good life’. Perhaps it is my personal experiences that have made me see the world from a totally different angle, a clarity that I have never before imagined.

Most people tend to see the world in such a narrow scope, a primitive point of view if I daresay. We imagine that the only means to happiness in life is by gaining and living the earthly dreams i.e amassing wealth, living in a big house, having the best ride around, investing  in land and shares, taking your kids to the best schools around…. In short, all our lives are driven by the desire to achieve wealth and all the ‘nice things in life’. In turn, we have been reduced to nothing but emotionless, selfish and opportunistic creatures who are interested in looking out for our own welfare only. It is this evil desire that has made the earth almost inhabitable due to pollution, our oxygen levels are depleting, children and innocent humans are being slaughtered in the name of war: in the name of fighting terrorism; in the name of protecting one’s territories. Human life has lost meaning; it has reached a point where the sacred sanctity of life has almost become absolute. A man can take away the life of another for a few coins…more like Judas betraying Christ for a mere thirty pieces of silver. Yet nothing is being done, society has become a jungle, every man for himself.

 The rich keep stealing billions of shillings yet they cannot spare a few thousands to feed the poor around them. Selfishness and personal interest are the greatest threats to human species in this era. We have turned into fierce animals enclosed in human skin… deadly monsters manufactured by our desires for wealth… a cruel desire to have the most money. I blame it all on the twisted misconception of relating happiness to money. One’s level of happiness is not at all determined by the amount of material things they possess. I maintain that the greatest and best things in life come free, happiness and satisfaction is one’s own personal decision. A decision borne out of a pure and content heart, a heart that understands the greater vision, the heart that has unveiled the hidden truth, the great secret.

Live life knowing that you don’t need earthly possessions to be happy, all you need is a true and sincere heart. Give out positive energy to the universe and you shall receive the same if not more from it. Do good, be good, live and love nature and respect it’s sacred laws. That is the secret to happiness.

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