the key to your pants is in your hands

Many ladies admit that they had their first sexual encounter, not necessarily out of a willing conscience but rather because they wanted to please their partners. This should not be the case at all, sexual intercourse should be a mutual transaction, consummated without the debt of guilt or regrets…there should be no room for ‘ If I only I knew’ and ‘ I wish I knew’. It is only fair that both partners should derive as much pleasure as possible without either parties feeling cheated out of the deal

However, this has not been the case. Women have continued to subdue themselves even in an age where they are presumed to be more sexually empowered. It is as if they suddenly lose their freedom of choice, thought and speech when it comes to bedroom matters. Surprisingly, even the most learned woman will tell you that they have to give in to the demands of a partner just to prove their supposed “love” for the person in questions. This weakness has been of massive benefit to the male species (known for their opportunistic nature especially when it comes to demanding for conjugal rights). it is quite saddening to know that these same men are the hit-and-run types, men who are allergic to commitment and monogamy. As soon as he scoops the jack-pot, they pull a disappearing stunt; eliminating all existing traces of evidence…magic at its best.

Well, it’s high time we stood up and spoke for ourselves. Absolutely NO woman should feel obligated to offer sex to her partner all in the name of wanting to please him or fearing to disappoint him. The sooner you realize that you are not a sex toy or an orgasm vending machine the better…. You’re worth much more than that…should he leave you because you did not feel ready to offer him what he wanted then you are way, way better off without him. No man in his right mind will ever force a woman into engaging in sex unwillingly, but they have been known to coerce womenfolk into making decisions in the affirmative. Their strategies filled with cunningness, widespread manipulation and reverse psychology. Some have stooped low enough to the extent of threatening their women with leaving them for another woman who would be more than willing to offer them what they want.

Do not be deceived, it’s their loss. Remember that the burden of a guilty conscience weighs heavier than lead, and it will follow you for the rest of your life if you allow yourself to fall into their traps. Your dignity and self-respect is more important than their insecure egos that need to be continuously stroked. If you are not ready to engage in intercourse with any man, let nothing ever force you into compromising your stand…patience is a virtue after all. A time will reach when you will feel comfortable enough to engage in sexual activity with a partner and there will be no awkward moments, feelings of neither regret nor guilt following the act. You’d be more than glad to know you did the right thing and the best part is the euphoria derived from having a clean conscience: knowing that’s exactly what you want. The key to your pants is in your hands, 

and there is no spare or extra key… no one will ever unlock it if you do not will it. Be the master of your own sexuality… speak out

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