Rising above hate

We have all grown up with a skeptic notion about the world, made to believe that it is a cruel world, a place that reeks of selfishness, a concrete jungle where man is for himself: putting self interest before everything else. Top officials and members of the upper echelons in society have made it there by not very honest means. It is for this same reason that we have been made to believe that ‘nice’ people never make it big in life. Our minds have been distorted and our thoughts diverted towards using fraudulent means to achieve success.

Gone are the days when human life was sacred and sanctified, when a man’s honor was to be trusted and virtues reigned supreme. In the modern world, honesty has almost become absolute and lies the new ‘truth’, human life is taken without a flinch and thousands are massacred because of the selfish motives of a few individuals in society. Yet, the saddest bit is that nothing is being done about it. Methods of taking away the life of unborn babies are being legalized, young women looking for a way of escaping the shame and guilt of an act they willingly participated in, have found an easy way out. They have been practically given a license to kill: branding innocent life as ‘unwanted’, ‘unplanned’

The top dogs in society are leading in the oppression of the poor, taking upon themselves the mandate of executing the biblical parable ‘to whom who has more, much will be given to them.” They shamelessly steal public resources and squander state property, amassing wealth to infinity…selfishness at its best. There is no difference between their character and that of a normal city thug: they type that will not hesitate to break your neck for a few reds.

Our society is dying a slow and natural death, morals are being washed down the drain and what is left is an empty shell of hopelessness. we are in a world of “me, myself and I’’, self-interest before anything else. People lie because they know in one way or another, someone will lie to them, they will not hesitate to engage in a fraudulent affair that will make them rich because another person will and most of all, they will definitely hurl worse insults and rebuke a person who dared to speak badly about the. The general survival tactic has become “commit a bad deed before it is done to you” / “do not hesitate to do bad because sooner or later someone will do it to you”. But we do not sit down and ponder the adversity of such actions… a vice is a vice and no matter how many people do it, it shall never turn into a virtue. Simply because someone else did something unfair to you does not justify you repeating the same offense to another person. Two wrongs will never make a right. The sooner we realize this, the better for our society. Reciprocate hate with love; always do what is right no matter how queer and stupid you may appear to the crowd. It is by diverging from the thoughts of the ordinary that great people were able to scale great heights. Be different, act different…rise above hate (cenation)


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