A Writer in the making

To become a writer, one must be prepared to adorn the full armour of battle…and a very rough battle for that matter.This is not a pathway for the faint-hearted, those who give up faster than a fat kid takes to eat fries. One must be ready to face the obstacles in the crooked lanes that lead to the title:the first being self doubt.Sounds comical,right? Unfortunately, self doubt is the leading factor of what i call ‘writer mortality’. We are our biggest enemies,always viewing ourselves as ‘not good enough’. Every writer is always affected by this mentality, one always views his/her work as below par. Well, an eagle would never soar into the sky if it did not take the great leap of faith in learning how to fly. No one ever began with a master-piece…it’s the level passion and wit that churn out great pieces. Whether you have an audience or not,write, write and write…overcome the stalemates and just keep on doing what you do best. You never know when the big break will come, some day people will be asking for your autograph..

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