social misfits

have you ever wondered how it feels to be the third leg in a group of people? how it feels to struggle to be heard in a conversation, trying so hard to think of something smart to say yet no one even listens? well, welcome to my life. the life of a person who i believe has been unlucky when it comes to relating to people. i believe the’re thousands of other people out there just like me… people who have struggled to make a relationship/ friendship work, sometimes at the expense of their own happiness.. yet, seemingly, they just refuse to work! hear ye! hear ye! do not be dismayed we are all together in this, the Social Misfits Federation…it’s time we stood up and fought for our rights, we dont need to work our butts of to impress people who dont even care in the first place. life should be nice and easy, where you can be alone and just be happy the way things are! we just have to accept the fact that society is just too darned stoic. and the realization that i dont have to please others is a wake up call, who knew life could bear such happiness and simplicity. no one can crush your ego with unthoughtful words, nor hurt your feelings in the process. the fact that we are different does no mean that we should be unhappy, we all deserve nothing but joy… if you are a social misfit, this is your call, stop trying to fit in with people: it is virtually impossible.. smell the coffee, turn over a new leaf if need be, and start living your ‘own’ life

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