why most women prefer older men

the men of this generation are a sad and pityful lot… i honestly would not recommend anybody’s daughter to waste their precious time dating them….all they ever do is whine and bicker…masculinity has gone to the dogs, the’re no more manly-men if i may put it that way. the men i have come across all have the traits that run almost in the entire modern day male population…all of them are lazy bums who sit around all day wasting their precious time on social networks…this breed of men are more concerned about what their online ‘friends’ think of them rather than bother themselves with making actual friendships with real people; their mobile phones and laptops have become like an highly addictive drug which they simply cannot let go…try suggesting that they should at least reduce their online activities and u will be branded their no. 1 enemy….such men are really difficult to deal with, involving yourself in a romantic relationship with them is indeed suicidal…they are jealous and highly emotional; these men will ask for a detailed explanation for all your online activities especially those originating from male counterpart i.e why did he post on your wall/tweet u? why did he call u ‘sweets’/dear? what business does he have with you etc… you will forever have to deal with all his insecurities and very high levels of immaturity 24/7… the other bit is that these men are stingy in the least, they hate spending and would rather buy a new pair of shoes or the latest video game than take their women out. they have absolutely no charm and have no idea of how to treat a woman right… the day they will decide to spend their money on u, it will probably be to a substandard and cheap place where they’ll not have to dig so much into their pockets, and after that they will constantly whine about how he;s broke becoz he took u out….well, call me archaic but i prefer an older man any time

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  1. Thats true for many of the men but not all. For me social networks are for networking especially business. They are a necessary tool but i dont forget that im homo sapien with natural tools like my mouth and hands and legs that are main socialising and networking tools since time immemorial…


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