Of liars, gossipers and backstabbers………..



Ask any random person what they hate most in a friend and the answers you’ll get are not surprisingly similar!Back stabbers , liars and gossipers:those are the kinds of personalities we claim to despise the most.What most of us don’t realize is the fact that there’s a gossiper,liar and maybe even a back-stabber in each and every single one of us!The moment a friend calls u and u claim to be in a far away destination simply because you don’t want to meet them, and yet u are seated smugly in your living room, u become a self-made liar. People who claim to detest gossip are the very same ones who wouldn’t resist from chipping in on a conversation about someone else, be it a colleague,fellow student or their neighbor!Talk about irony!Perhaps it’s just human nature to always be quick to point out the faults in others rather than look closely at their own mistakes and make a point of correcting them…As it is,we live in a world full of many people with different personalities and hence we have no choice but to learn ho to cope with each other

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