Solo Escapades: Cape Town in 4 Days

Towards the end of last year, I finally made my maiden trip to Cape Town, South Africa. The Mother City that has been on my bucket list of destination a while; and what was meant to be a brief escape from capitalism ended up being a very memorable and fulfilling experience. I decided to compile... Continue Reading →

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Life: An Endless Journey

The older I get, the more I realise that one can never truly figure out life. It is a constant chase; endless departures and arrivals. You keep hopping onto the next flight, the next train, the next car; hoping the next destination will be your period of rest; but it never truly is. You journey... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica; On Growth and Moving On

Lake Turkana - Loiyangalani - 2016 28th October 2017 Dear Jessica;  There are certain gross things we do in secret which give us a weird sense of pleasure. Say, for instance, bursting a ‘ripe’ pimple and watching with satisfaction as the white stuff oozes out -  Or cleaning out one’s ears and staring at the... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica : Remember Tomorrow

Portrait shot on the streets of Lamu - April 2017  8th October 2017 Dear Jessica; Some todays are like freshly baked buttery cinnamon rolls; pleasant to the senses. The orchestra of glazed crispy dough, melted cinnamon sugar and raisins as they swirl in your mouth is all so perfect. On those today’s; you bask in... Continue Reading →

Of Rituals and Finding God

23rd July 2017 Ritual ~ a sequence of activities involving gestures, words and objects performed in a sequestered manner and performed according to a set sequence. Receiving first Holy Communion back in 2003 transformed the whole experience of Mass for me.  It wasn’t much of the spiritual aspect  as it was about how magical and... Continue Reading →

​In Memory of My Father

Joseph Chelimo Kanda.  Male.  Profession: Teacher. Age: 52 Yrs. T.O.D : 1 June 2000.That’s how the death certificate reads. Cold, hard facts. Funny how the government always reduces an entire human’s life into a few unfeeling sentences on paper. Nowhere is it written that he was a loving father;  a hardworking teacher who rose through... Continue Reading →

Dear Jessica: Words from The Rackster

Dear Jessica,

Let me put this glass of whisky down before I spill it on my keyboard. You see your mum is not the biggest fan of my drinking habits; as a matter of fact she thinks I should stop. I know right? Booooring. For a minute there I rolled my eyes; or at least I tried to. You see I cannot roll my eyes, so what I do is roll my head with them. It is not exactly something you want to see and yet at the same time it is something you want to see. Word of caution though, once you see it you cannot un-see it.

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